Durham Probe: Danchenko acquitted but FBI exposed BIG;ALARMING level of toxin in some FAMOUS outfits

Despite Igor Danchenko being acquitted of four counts of lying to the government, the case has produced several bombshells about the FBI in the recent Durham probe.
According to a recent legal notice by the Center for Environmental Health popular athletic clothing brands have high levels of hormone-disrupting chemical BPA, posing a considerable risk to people’s health.
The pro-democracy group called “Front for the Defense of Hong Kong People” peacefully protested outside the Chinese Consulate General in Manchester UK. But suddenly several masked men came out of the consulate, vandalizing the banners.
Germany’s economy ministry planned to push through a series of new policies that would require all companies to be vetted for investment in China. However, that sparked a backlash from the German business community.

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