Hunter’s Daughter Testifies; Macron Calls Snap Election; Trump to Cut Taxes On Tips?

Israel made great gains in rescuing hostages over the weekend, including a young female hostage who was taken at the Nova Festival

The European Parliament elections, which ended on Sunday, put the heads of several countries in an awkward position. There were heads of countries who were winners, of course.

But Macron was not one of them. Unable to accept such a defeat, French President Macron decided to take a political gamble, by challenging Marine Le Pen to a snap election..

Hunter Biden’s daughter testified in court, in defense of her father. She was one of the few witnesses who testified in Hunter’s favor last week.

At a massive Nevada rally, President Trump has proposed another policy, that resonates with the working class.

The U.S. has the largest increase in the number of millionaires in the world. But at the same time, U.S. fast-food restaurants are busy offering discounted meals, in order to attract the many low-income workers.

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