BREAKING REPORT: 19K late ballots counted in Arizona 2020; WH EXODUS continues after Black staffers

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Verity Vote recently released a report on a newly discovered anomaly in Maricopa County, Arizona, regarding the 2020 election. The report shows that Arizona counted 19000 late ballots in the 2020 presidential election.

Todd McMurtry, the lawyer who represented Nicholas Sandmann, has joined Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team to determine which media and prominent figures to sue.

Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook’s parent company Meta, and the number two person at Facebook, threw a shocking punch, on June 1, announcing that she would leave the company in the fall.

Biden is full of grievances. An internal administration document says that low polling is unsettling to Biden. Biden’s anxiety is also spreading throughout the Democratic Party where Democrats are bickering with each other and blaming the White House for the bleak prospects of the midterm elections. Senior staffers have resigned. Many staffers have left the White House or are planning to leave shortly. It is expected that there could be a major shakeup of top White House personnel after the midterm elections.

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