Trial Update: More FBI agents testify, here’s how it all started;Mark Zuckerberg sued;PA Race Update

Even though the FBI Cyber division took only one day to dismiss Michael Sussman’s claim alleging that there was a connection between the Trump team and the Alpha bank the Chicago FBI office couldn’t let it go.

The attorney general of the District of Columbia in Washington announced that he is suing Mark Zuckerberg for Zuckerberg’s failure to protect Facebook users in a scandal that leaked their personal information.

Dr. Memet Oz is less than a 1,000 votes ahead of David McCormick in the Pennsylvania Republican primary. Meanwhile McCormick is suing to have ballots counted that do not have the handwritten dates on the envelopes.

Food insecurity expert warned that the world has only about 10 weeks of wheat supplies left in storage. However she doesn’t think this food shortage is caused by the Russia-Ukraine war as the Biden administration alleges.

Airbnb is shutting down operations in China. The company plans to tell its domestic employees as early as Tuesday morning in Beijing. Starbucks also announced that it will withdraw from the Russian market.

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