Trump Biden Debate Strategies Unveiled;10 Commandments Back in Schools;Graduates to Get Green Cards?

Tax laws are probably one of the biggest headaches for the average person, especially for the middle class and above who have various investments overseas.

Moore v. U.S. has also been in the spotlight, because it involves the question of whether the portion of income earned, but not received from an investment abroad, should be taxed.

The case took several twists and turns and was finally appealed to the Supreme Court. The justices of the Supreme Court were very careful, because their decision, had so many implications.

President Biden and President Trump will meet next week, for the first debate between them in four years. So how will they both prepare?

The 90-minute unscripted debate will be an intellectual and physical test for the two men.

President Trump has recently made small revisions to his policies. He also has new ideas on immigration.

Louisiana is now held by the Republican Party, so they are focusing on conservative policies. The first place to start is education. So every public school, now has to post the Ten Commandments.

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