UFOs: Fact or Fiction? An Objective Look at UFOs in the Past 50 Years (Part 1) – Trailer

We do not know what UFOs are. The facts are not clear whether they are extraterrestrial life, or a secret weapon made by a country that has mastered high technology, or a group of people’s nonsense. The vast universe is boundless, and there are too many things we don’t know. When it comes to phenomena that we don’t understand, it’s best not to draw a conclusion, and to calmly understand the facts and then, analyze them logically.

For more than 70 years, UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been considered a laughing matter and pseudoscience, and UFO enthusiasts have been viewed as crackpots and crazies. In the last three years however, the U.S. government has overcome this taboo, with top officials publicly admitting that they are baffled by unexplained aerial phenomena. Today, we’re going to see how UFOs went from being a punchline to a serious topic.

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